A little girl’s letter to the makers of LEGO is going viral! Seven-year-old Charlotte Benjamin was frustrated by the gender inequality of the toys.

She wrote, “There are more LEGO boy people and barely any LEGO girls.”

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Benjamin was upset that the girl toys only sat at home and shopped, while the boy LEGOs had jobs and swam with sharks.

She requested, “I want you to make more LEGO girl people and let them go on adventures and have fun ok!?!”

FoxNews.com reported:

Emma Owen, a spokeswoman for LEGO United Kingdom, told the Independent the company has “a variety of female mini-figures in our assortment." 

She also expressed gratitude for the hundreds of thousands of children who enjoy the building blocks, and their input on the toys. “Children all over the world reach out to us after playing with our products, and give us positive feedback and suggestions for ways to improve. We reply to all consumers who reach out to us, and this answer is between us and the consumer unless the consumer decides to share our response, of course.”