A new ObamaCare campaign attempts to target young women by featuring singing pets.

Rap, Pajama Boy Ads Target Young People to Enroll in ObamaCare

The non-profit group spent millions of dollars on the campaign. In the ad, an admittedly cute pug sings, “You can’t say no to this face.”

Approximately three million people enrolled in ObamaCare by the end January. The administration projected that they would have more than seven million people enrolled by this March.

Will ads like the one above help more than double the numbers in less than a month?

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On America’s Newsroom, National Review editor Rich Lowry said the problem with these types of ads is that they don’t hit on the problems with the law.

“If you’re a young person it’s a bad deal, and it’s meant to be a bad deal. So it’s the economic incentives that are wrong, not the marketing. Not that the marketing is any good,” he said.

Fox News contributor Alan Colmes called Lowry’s’ statement dishonest and argued that ObamaCare is working.

Lowry shot back, “The whole scheme of the law, you have to admit, is to subsidize older and sicker people by getting young people to sign up and charging them more than they would otherwise pay."

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