A convicted felon called a local Fox reporter while holding a 13-year-old hostage in a standoff with police.

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Don Pooley, 34, held the 13-year-old boy hostage for hours at his home in Colorado.

Pooley had missed his parole hearing in January, saying he would rather die than go back to jail.

When SWAT teams swarmed the area, he called his family saying he wanted to talk to a reporter. Julie Hayden from Fox Denver answered the call as police listened along.

When Hayden asked if he would let the boy go, Pooley said, “Absolutely not. He’s the only avenue that I have for them to even consider or entertain the idea of backing away.”

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During the standoff, Hayden tweeted:

Pooley told Hayden that he wanted to run away and felt “horrible” for the little boy, who apparently was shaking out of fear.

Police eventually lured Pooley to the door, where he was shot dead. The teenage boy was released unharmed.