Bill O’Reilly today responded to Jon Stewart’s coverage of O’Reilly’s interview with President Barack Obama.

"The Factor" host said Stewart echoed Obama’s sentiments that the issues discussed in the interview have been thoroughly investigated. O’Reilly disagreed.

O’Reilly: Obama Interview ‘Was Not a Debate, It Was a Discussion’

“There have been no cogent explanations about why the administration misled the world over Benghazi. There have been no arrests either in the terror killings there.  Likewise with the IRS, no explanation about who was behind the targeting of conservative groups, even though the president vowed to find out. And finally, on ObamaCare, only 8 percent of people using the Affordable Health Care website – 8 percent – say it’s working well after all these months. Again, no explanation as to why that is,” O’Reilly said.

O’Reilly said that those issues aren’t important to the president or Stewart because they don’t pertain to social justice or global warming.

O'Reilly Responds After Obama Calls Him, Fox 'Absolutely Unfair'

“So, if I ask about those issues, I’m a doofus, a scandal-monger,” O’Reilly said. “That’s the spin.”

“The O’Reilly Factor” host noted that there are serious charges that the administration lied about Libya because of elections. He said that if the IRS is abusing its power, every American, including Stewart, should be concerned.

“Are you hearing me out there in left-wing fantasy land?” O’Reilly asked. “Good grief.”