Fox News legal analyst Peter Johnson Jr. was on Fox and Friends this morning to take on President Obama's comments about government assistance.

Navy SEAL Fires Back After Obama Likens GI Bill to Welfare

In an interview with Bill O'Reilly, the president questioned whether people would view the GI Bill as the federal government setting up a "nanny state." He also pushed back by saying that his administration "has not massively expanded the welfare state."

Johnson, however, disputes that veterans are really getting the same assistance as welfare recipients. He noted the VA backlog of more than 675,000 claims, and compared that to the month or less that it takes for food stamp approvals. Almost 400,000 of the pending VA claims were made more than 125 days ago.

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Johnson questioned whether winning elections has become more of a priority than helping those who have served.

"Is there a willingness to bring benefits to groups that will deliver votes for any particular party that's in power in America?" he asked, pointing out that veterans were guaranteed these benefits when they signed up.

Watch his full analysis above.