In part two of the interview that has everyone talking, President Obama told Bill O'Reilly that the 'Factor' and Fox News is "absolutely" unfair to him.

Part 1: O'Reilly Presses Obama on Health Care, Benghazi, IRS

Part 2: Obama, O’Reilly Spar Over Whether Fox News Is Fair to the WH

"Do you think I'm unfair to you?" O'Reilly asked.

"Absolutely, of course you are, Bill, but I like you anyway though," Obama responded.

"Give me how I'm unfair. You can't make that accusation without telling me," O'Reilly pressed.

The president brought up the fact that O'Reilly asked about the ObamaCare rollout problems, corruption within the IRS and the Benghazi attack. O'Reilly defended himself by saying that all of those issues are "unanswered questions."

Obama argued that "they're defined by you guys in a certain way."

In a phone call to Fox and Friends this morning, O'Reilly explained that the president simply doesn't believe these things are really that important and believes they're "phony scandals" cooked up by the right wing and Fox News.

"It's an annoyance to him that I ask him questions and that Fox News concentrates on these stories because he himself doesn't believe they're important," said O'Reilly.

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In the video above, you can also hear O'Reilly's response to Obama's position that his administration "has not massively expanded the welfare state."

Plus, check out The O'Reilly Factor, tonight at 8/11p ET as Bill takes a look at what went right in the huge sit-down and what went wrong.