The murder trial continued today for Amanda Hayes, a woman accused of helping her husband murder his ex-girlfriend after a custody dispute.

Grant Hayes, Amanda’s husband, was convicted in the 2011 murder of Laura Jean Ackerson.

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Amanda claims that she found out Ackerson was dead after her husband threatened to kill her and their children if she didn’t help dispose of the remains.

Prosecutors allege that the couple lured Ackerson to her apartment, killed her and dismembered the body. They then allegedly drove from North Carolina to Texas, and dumped the body in a creek across the street from Amanda’s sister’s house.

Today in court, witnesses from the Houston dive team and sheriff’s department testified about the three-day search for Ackerson’s remains in the alligator-infested creek.

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On Happening Now, Fox News legal analyst Lis Wiehl said Amanda showed consciousness of guilt by confessing to her sister that she hurt Ackerson.

Former prosecutor Doug Burns said the defense will likely try to paint Amanda as an accessory after the homicide occurred.

“With this kind of gory material, the prejudice in the courtroom is just staggering, […] and it’s very difficult to combat.”