The latest troubling report out of Afghanistan is that President Hamid Karzai is in secret negotiations with the Taliban. The New York Times reports that Karzai has held secret meetings on a peace deal without the input of U.S. and Western allies.

Peters: U.S. Has Become 'Beggar' to the 'Treacherous, Deceitful' Karzai

This comes as Karzai still refuses to sign a new security agreement that would keep some U.S. troops in the country beyond this year. In recent weeks, Karzai has also released dozens of Taliban fighters - some blamed for attacks on U.S. service members - and accused the U.S. of being involved in a recent bombing by the Taliban in Kabul.

President Obama met at the White House today with his top commanders to discuss Afghanistan.

Bill Hemmer took a look at the latest developments with Michael Kay, a former adviser to the UK Defense Ministry.

"We're seeing the Taliban as resurgent and active as ever. For me, the old Taliban adage when they look to the West and say 'you may have the watches, but we've got the time,' I think it's playing out quite nicely for them. It doesn't matter what the skeletal, residual force structure we leave in Afghanistan is, it's not a solution," said Kay.

He believes the West needs to look more closely at supporting a decentralized system of government in Afghanistan.

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