In his interview with Bill O'Reilly, President Obama seemed to equate the GI Bill with welfare. While arguing that the government should be there to help people get ahead, the president pointed out that he was able to get loans to go to college.

O'Reilly Responds After Obama Calls Him, Fox 'Absolutely Unfair'

"The GI Bill, is that a nanny state? My grandfather came back from World War II - you're about to write a book about World War II - the smartest thing we ever did was make an investment in the American people when those guys came back from war. That's what created our middle class," he argued.

The president disagreed with O'Reilly's view about the expansion of welfare in his administration.

Some veterans are taking exception to the president bringing up the GI Bill in a discussion about welfare. Steve Doocy discussed the remark this morning with a Navy SEAL who currently receives benefits through the GI Bill.

Scott Taylor, a Harvard graduate and member of the Virginia House of Delegates, argued that those who serve "earn [the benefits] in blood, many of them."

"This 'entitlement' if you will is certainly not welfare. It's something that our GI's have earned and will continue to earn. It's contractual, it's not like food stamps or disability [payments] that have expanded exponentially under this president," said Taylor.

He said there is a "legitimate need" for food stamps and welfare and made clear that he was not trying to insult people who actually need that government assistance.

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