The federal government is requiring all new vehicles to have car-to-car technology by 2016. The advanced safety technology includes radar-like systems to prevent collisions.

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Autonomous vehicles are already on the road today with features like cruise control and break detection. Michael Caudill, automotive expert for, said on America’s Newsroom that the new technology allows for vehicle-to-vehicle communication.

“Once was airbags and seatbelts, now you’re going to live in a bubble – 300-yard radius, 360 degrees around your vehicle while you’re driving down the road. Your vehicle’s now going to be able to communicate with other vehicles on the road to determine if an imminent hazard is coming in front of you.”

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Caudill said the new mandate will be affordable for car companies to implement and for consumers.

“It’s like electric vehicle technology today. It was expensive a few years ago; it’s now completely affordable for consumers on the road.”

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