Gibson Guitar finally has reclaimed the wood that the federal government seized in a controversial 2011 raid.

Gibson Guitar Targeted for CEO's Political Beliefs?

Now, the beloved American company is celebrating its victory by using the wood to build the Government Series II Les Paul.

The company was accused of using illegal exotic woods, which CEO Henry Juszkiewicz has repeatedly denied.

The raids led to questions about whether the company was targeted because of its support for Republican candidates.

This morning on Fox and Friends, Juszkiewicz said it had nothing to with endangered wood, but rather the description of tariff codes and the thickness of the wood that they used.

“In other words, if it was a different thickness or if it was technically somewhat different, it would’ve been fine.”

Ultimately, this ordeal cost the company upwards of $10 million dollars in out-of pocket-costs for legal fees and equipment.

The new Les Paul guitars are made out of the very wood the government held on to for the past few years. Juszkiewicz said, “It’s kind of a celebration of getting past that very difficult period of time.”