“Mattress Mack,” the owner of Gallery Furniture in Houston, Texas, made a costly Super Bowl bet.

Jim McGinvale lost more than $7 million after his Pigskin Promotion. He told customers that if the Seattle Seahawks won, he would fully refund any purchase over $6,000 that was made in the last two weeks and delivered by game day.

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McGinvale was on Hannity tonight to discuss the promotion.

“We’re a big loser on this deal, but at the same time we’re a winner because we made over a thousand Houston families very happy as they watched the big game on Sunday night and watched the Seattle team win the big game,” he said.

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McGinvale said the promotion made the store relevant, topical and appealing to millennial customers. He said 80 percent of the people who participated in the promotion were new customers. Now, he says his store’s job is to keep those customers coming back for life.

“Mattress Mack” said he’d hold the promotion again in a heartbeat.

Watch his full interview above.