President Barack Obama and Bill O’Reilly continued to talk after their live Super Bowl pregame interview yesterday. O’Reilly aired the taped segment tonight on The Factor.

O’Reilly has said that poverty is driven by the dissolution of the American family. He told Obama that 72 percent of babies in African-American communities are born out of wedlock and asked him why he and the first lady have not started a campaign “to address that problem very explicitly.”

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“Actually, Bill, we address it explicitly all the time,” Obama said. “I’ll send you at least 10 speeches I’ve made since I’ve been president, talking about the importance of men taking responsibility for their children, talking about the importance of young people delaying gratification, talking about the importance of – when it comes to child rearing – paying child support, spending time with your kids, reading with them, so whether it’s getting publicity or not is a whole different question.”

The president added that there’s an economic factor to this issue and that America is starting to see similar problems in white working class homes, which is the result of Americans not being able to find good work.

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O’Reilly pressed Obama on whether he will approve the Keystone pipeline. Obama told him that agencies will comment on the State Department’s findings, then the public will be able to comment, and then Secretary of State John Kerry will give him a recommendation.

“So I assume we’re gonna do that after five years,” O’Reilly said.

“We’ll take a look at it,” Obama answered.

The Factor host asked Obama, “Are you the most liberal president in U.S. history?”

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“Probably not,” Obama responded, saying that Richard Nixon’s policies were more liberal than his own.

“I’m more of a self reliance guy, you’re more of a ‘big government will solve your problems’ guy,” O’Reilly told Obama. Obama disagreed.

“I think self-reliance is alive and well in America. I think the problem is people don’t see as many opportunities to get ahead. My job as president as long as I’m in this office is to give them the tools to get ahead.”

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