A North Carolina football coach is under fire for leading his team in prayer. Coach Hal Capps has been ordered to stop praying with students after a Mooresville High School parent complained.  

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In a letter to the school district, the Freedom From Religious Foundation writes: “It is a violation of the Constitution for the Mooresville High School football coach to organize, lead or participate in prayers or other religious proselytizing before, during or after games and practices.”

Students are taking to social media to defend their coach. Football player Dallas Jackson tweeted, “#ISupperCapps and he’s the best coach I’ve ever had and I’m twice the guy and player I was when I came to Mooresville as a freshman.”

Jackson spoke to Brian Kilmeade on this morning’s Fox and Friends. Before games, he said Coach Capps would say the Lord’s Prayer and pray for their safety.

“Coach always gives you the option if you don’t want to pray, you can step out. You don’t have to pray,” he said.

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Jackson said there’s disappointment in the community because those who know Capps know that he’s a good person.

“He’s more than just a coach,” Jackson said.” He does a lot for the students and the community, and he reaches out to families that don’t have a lot. And he helps us all grow as men more than just players.”

The school superintendent told the coach he has to stop any religious activities. Jackson said that if the coach can’t pray, the players will continue to lead the team in prayer.   

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