An upset mother confronted President Obama after her health insurance plan was cancelled thanks to ObamaCare.

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The health care Rebecca Stewart needs for her young son is no longer guaranteed and she has considered moving to Ohio to get it. The president was answering questions from Americans during a recent online chat when Stewart asked him directly what he's doing to fix the ObamaCare problems. 

In response, President Obama promised someone in the White House would contact Stewart directly with the answer to her specific problem.

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Stewart told Elisabeth Hasselbeck that two different people from the administration called her shortly after her exchange with the president. She said they tried to help put her in touch with state officials in Kentucky, but unfortunately, she had already gone through that process. 

“What my problem is that the answer I get from the state of Kentucky differs from the hospital in question, which differs from my private insurer,” Stewart explained. “So I did get a call, but I don’t have an answer.”

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