Of all the Super Bowl commercials that aired last night, it was a Budweiser ad that brought many people to tears.

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The commercial captured the moment Lt. Chuck Nadd, an Army helicopter pilot, returned home from Afghanistan.

Lt. Nadd and his girlfriend Shannon Cantwell shared their story on this morning’s Fox and Friends.

Cantwell entered Lt. Nadd into a contest to honor one soldier through the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

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Lt. Nadd was unaware of the homecoming celebration waiting for him when he stepped off the plane. He was told he would be giving a speech for the VFW in his hometown of Winter Park, Florida, and that the cameras were there as part of a documentary.

In fact, he had no idea until this week that the emotional reunion was being filmed as a Super Bowl ad.

“So many folks deserve this so much more than me,” he said. “I really hope that the message that gets out is that for all the people who have been on two, three or more combat deployments, you know folks who have come back injured or not come back at all, those are the real heroes.”

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