Two coaches from “Friday Night Tykes” have been suspended for violating the league’s code of conduct.

The show follows five youth football teams in Texas. It has drawn criticism from groups, including the NFL, about rough play and safety.

Reality Show 'Friday Night Tykes' Stirs Controversy Over Coaching Methods

Charles Chavarria was suspended for a full year after scenes show him encouraging his players to injure their opponents. A second coach, Marecus Goodloe, has been suspended for six games for encouraging his players to swear.

The Texas Youth Football Association says the TV show doesn’t let people see the good things that the organization does.

D'oh! Football Player's Creative Trick Fools Opposing Team

“The show has given us somewhat of a black eye, Texas Youth Football Association president Brian Morgan said. “If they talk to us about another season, I’ll have a lot of reservations."

“Friday Night Tykes” is the highest rated show on Esquire.