Bill O'Reilly sat down with President Barack Obama for a live interview ahead of the Super Bowl.

The president told O’Reilly that he did not anticipate the glitches with, but said that the problems were fixed within a month and a half and that now, 3 million people have been able to sign up.

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O’Reilly asked Obama if the biggest mistake of his presidency was telling Americans, “If you like your insurance, you can keep it.”

“This is one that I regret, and I’ve said I regret it, in part because we put in a grandfather clause in the original law saying that in fact you were supposed to be able to keep it. It obviously didn’t cover everybody that we needed to and that’s why we changed it so that we further grandfathered in folks,” Obama said, noting that many people who originally got cancelation notices have been able to keep their insurance after all.

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O’Reilly also questioned the president on the terror attack in Benghazi.

“The main thing that all of us have to take away from this is that our diplomats are serving in some very dangerous places … and we’ve got to make sure that, not only have we implemented all the reforms that were recommended by the independent agency but we also have to make sure that we understand our folks out there are in a hazardous, dangerous situation,” Obama said.

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When questioned about the IRS targeting scandal, Obama told O'Reilly, "There wasn’t even a smidgeon of corruption ... These things keep on resurfacing because you and your TV station will promote them.”

Watch the interview above. Part 2 of the interview will air tomorrow night on The O’Reilly Factor at 8/11p ET.  Bill O'Reilly previewed the interview on America's Newsroom. Check it out here.