If it weren’t for one superfan, the Seahawks may not have stayed in Seattle.

Back in 1996, then-Seahawks owner Ken Behring made the move to relocate the team to southern California. That’s when Seahawks fan Mark Collins made it his mission to keep his beloved team in Seattle.

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Collins wrote a letter and formed a grassroots group called Save Our Seahawks to prevent the move. The group eventually convinced Paul Allen to take over the team and keep them in Seattle.

Collins credits Allen with saving the Seahawks, but says, “I was able to be a voice for the fans when the fans needed it.”

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While on Fox and Friends this morning, Collins got a special surprise from author Debbie Macomber: a ticket to tonight’s Super Bowl game, right on the 40-yard line!

Collins wears his late wife’s Seahawks jacket to every game.