Michael Strahan joined Howard Kurtz on Media Buzz this weekend to talk about football and working in the media.

The former New York Giants defensive end is now a member of the Fox Sports team and Kelly Ripa’s co-host. He was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame yesterday.

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Kurtz asked Strahan why football players often give the media such clichéd answers.

“Guys are trying to be boring because no one wants to have the coach say ‘Come into my office, son. Why would you say this? Why would you do that?' You don’t wanna be the sound bite guy," Strahan said. "You’re almost scared into not being yourself, and that’s the hard part about dealing with the media is to be yourself and not be afraid of that but also being smart enough to know how to craft your answers and not get yourself in trouble.’”

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Strahan also defended Richard Sherman's recent rant, saying he had no problem with what the Seahawks player had to say.

Strahan also talked about racism and being “the new Regis.” Watch the full video above!