As the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos gear up for Sunday’s Super Bowl game, so are their cheerleading squads. Many of the women are balancing other jobs throughout the year.

For first time Seattle Sea Gal Alicia Quaco, it took a bit of convincing to get her bosses to let her join the team. That's because Quaco, 25, is a First Lieutenant in the United States Air Force.

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She told her bosses that cheering would be good for recruitment because it shows that women in the military can do so much more.

Quaco joined the military at 18 years old and graduated from the Air Force Academy in 2010. Now she serves as a contracts manager for the Air Force.

She told Fox News, “I hope that girls would look at me and know that they can be serving their country and still be feminine. I love that I can be a Sea Gal and be an officer in the Air Force.”

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