House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) blamed the Tea Party for making Congress one of the least productive in recent history during a Daily Show appearance.

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She said it’s hard to negotiate with a group who says “nothing is our agenda and never is our timetable.”

Pelosi also called the Tea Party an anti-government, anti-science faction bent on blocking anything the president wants to accomplish.

In another shocking exchange, Pelosi told Jon Stewart she did not know why the ObamaCare website rollout failed.

During the interview, Stewart asked, “Why is it so hard to get a company to execute [the website] competently?”

“I don’t know,” Pelosi responded.

When Stewart asked what she meant by that, she answered, “It’s not my responsibility.”

Today on America’s News HQ, Fox News contributor Guy Benson and Julie Roginsky reacted to Pelosi’s controversial comments. 

In all fairness to Pelosi, Benson said, “I think that her orbit has to have pretty low morale these days. Some of her top allies on the Hill have announced they’re retiring. The Democrats have basically come out and said ‘we’re giving up on winning back the House.’ She’s staring at years in the minority, so she’s lashing out at the boogie man which is the Tea Party.”