President Obama is speaking about long-term unemployment today in an effort to promote his State of the Union agenda.

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There are new signs, however, that the mainstream media may not be buying into his message. This morning's New York Times headline reads: “Economy Is Expanding, but Obama’s Legacy May Be Slipping Away.”

On Happening Now, Kirsten Powers argued that the economy hasn’t turned around enough for Americans to feel a positive impact. She said by the time great numbers come in, Obama will be out of office. “There just isn’t enough time probably for the economy to rebound to the levels that you would’ve seen under his predecessors.”

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Jon Scott noted that Presidents Clinton and Bush 43 both inherited rough economies, but managed to do better than Obama.

“Is that a fair comparison?” he asked.

Powers said, “While they did inherit bad economies, you can’t compare it to what President Obama inherited. […] When you have the banking system collapsing, I mean, that is an entirely different thing than a recession.”

She said the president should not have made Americans believe the economy could have been fixed quickly. “It was always going to take a long time.”

Judith Miller criticized President Obama for focusing on health care reform instead of the economy. “If you pivot to health care and then you screw up the implementation of it, you have a big problem because you have a drop of confidence among the American people.”

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