A D.C. fire lieutenant and firefighter have reportedly been put on administrative leave while authorities investigate why a man dying outside the fire station did not receive help.

Medric Mills, 77, collapsed while having a heart attack in a strip mall parking lot. Several bystanders ran to the fire station across the street for help, but the firefighters told them they couldn’t intervene unless someone called 911 first.

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Mills’ daughter, who was with him, said helped showed up 15 minutes later, only after a D.C. cop flagged down an ambulance that happened to be driving by. Her father later died at the hospital.

On America’s News HQ, criminal defense attorney Jonna Spilbor said that if there is a law preventing emergency workers from self-dispatching, it needs to be changed.

“This is so idiotic,” she said. “When you have somebody across the street screaming for aid, that’s the equivalent of a 911 call.”

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Criminal defense attorney David Wohl called it a breach of public trust.

The woman who went to the fire station reportedly said a man had tripped and fallen. Wohl argued that the firefighters may not be legally responsible because they received the wrong information.

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