Is pot safer than alcohol and football?

A policy group that favors the legalization of marijuana has posted up five large billboards outside of the New York stadium that will house the upcoming Super Bowl advertising the safety of the drug compared to drinking or playing sports.

Why Does Hemp Have a Bad Rap?

A doctor specializing in preventative medicine told Bill O'Reilly that the negative effects of marijuana use are damaging and detrimental, and could potentially lead to addiction in many smokers. According to the doctor, increased cannabis use has contributed to the rise of "amotivational syndrome" and an alarming drop in I.Q. in chronic users. 

While alcohol, when consumed in moderation, can potentially be beneficial to your health, the negative effects of marijuana can linger in a user's system for weeks and even permanently impair mental faculties, according to the doctor. 

The doctor also pointed out that daily use of marijuana may predispose the user to addiction.

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