MSNBC touched off a firestorm online with a Tweet suggesting that right-wingers wouldn't like a Super Bowl ad for Cheerios featuring a biracial family. 

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Conservatives began hitting back at the network in droves, using the hashtag #MyRightWingBiracialFamily and attaching photos to illustrate their principled objection to the offensive Tweet. 

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus called for a boycott of the network by all potential Republican guests until MSNBC apologized publicly.

Priebus joined Sean Hannity in the wake of the controversy. 

"It's pretty disgusting stuff," Priebus told Hannity, "Some of these things that are done about families and people's appearance and gender, race, blanket statements about people on the right side of our party, I'm just not going to stand up as chairman of the party and take it."

Priebus acknowledged that MSNBC's President Phil Griffin publicly apologized for the offending Tweet, but added, "This was a first step... and now we have to stay on top of it. It's sort of like being on probation, I guess." 

"We're here, we're watching them," said Priebus.

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Earlier on The Kelly File, one of the families who felt compelled to defend themselves on Twitter using #MyRightWingBiracialFamily talked to Megyn. Nicholas Bailey said he was actually raised as a liberal but became a conservative in college.

"This is what the Left does. They essentially call half of America racist, and then expect not to be called on it. We stood up as Americans and said that we’re not racist. And as far as the apology, I feel like that was MSNBC just saving face," he said.

His wife, Krystal, says that in the future she doesn't want her children to have to fight against a "stigma" about race and conservatives that "doesn't even exist."

Watch the discussion below:

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