When you're a police officer in suburban Atlanta, you usually don't find yourself in a snowstorm or delivering babies.

Well, Tuesday was a special day because Officer Tim Sheffield of the Sandy Springs Police Department encountered both at the same time.

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During the nightmarish road conditions triggered by a rare snow and ice storm, Sheffield was on his way to an accident on gridlocked I-285. Along the way he was checking on stranded motorists, and came to an SUV that contained a family of four with the mother in labor.

He recounted the amazing story this afternoon on Happening Now.

"I saw the Suburban pulled over on the side of the road and I asked the driver, 'Are y'all broke down or stuck?' And he said no, real calmly, we're having a baby," said Sheffield.

He called the mother, Amy Anderson, an "amazing, super-strong woman," saying even the couple's two young children remained calm throughout.

When he arrived, he said the father, Tim Anderson, was already on the phone with 911. But he gave the credit to Mrs. Anderson.

"The mother delivered the baby 100 percent. ... The baby came out so I reached down to get a blanket out of the first aid kit and then I looked up and I saw the fire department pulling up just in time," said Sheffield, saying he has helped deliver a baby before, but of course not on the highway in an ice storm.

Mom and baby Grace were OK. The baby wasn't due for another week.

In case you're wondering, the couple had already picked out Grace for the name. And now to top it all off, Tuesday was Officer Sheffield's birthday!

Watch Jenna Lee's awesome interview above.

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