Putting up a flag for the Wounded Warrior Project may cost a Florida man $1,000.

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According to WJXT-TV in Jacksonville, that's not even the most outrageous part. If he doesn't pay it, the homeowners association has threatened to put a lien on his house.

The flag, underneath the American flag, has been flying in Thomas Bagnoli's backyard for more than a year. The penalty is $100 a day, with a maximum of $1,000.

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The association in the gated Grand Haven community of Palm Coast allows American flags, as well as POW and U.S. armed forces flags, but for some reason objects one from the Wounded Warrior Project.

"That [Wounded Warrior] flag signifies more than anything else the reason that the American flag is standing up. ... This epitomizes the warriors and the heroes of our country that make that flag fly," he said to a reporter.

Bagnoli is not taking the flag down and says his neighbors stand with him.

Check out the report from this morning's Fox & Friends First.

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