Residents in the South are waking up to frozen roads yet again. Crews in Atlanta are scrambling to remove thousands of abandoned cars and rescue stranded drivers.

Some people blame the government for being unprepared for the winter storm. This morning on America’s Newsroom, Bill Hemmer asked Georgia Governor Nathan Deal (R) point blank, “Did you screw this up?”

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“I think we could have probably done a little bit better had we reacted earlier,” the governor acknowledged.

He blamed the uncertain weather reports, saying they made preparations based on the storm hitting south of Atlanta.  

Hemmer challenged, “The National Weather Service saw it coming. I guess the Weather Channel saw it coming too. A lot of the folks around here saw it in the forecast, so it wasn’t entirely unexpected.”

He asked Gov. Deal to address the question from today’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution, which asked, “How Did This Happen?”

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Gov. Deal stayed on the defensive, saying, “School superintendents in the metro area had decided that school was going to be open that day. Businesses had decided they were going to be open that day. State government was going to be open that day.”

He said it was not until 10 in the morning on Tuesday that that they realized the storm was going to hit closer to Atlanta. At that time, government workers were told they were allowed to leave. He pointed out that he does not have the authority to require schools to close.

Hemmer commended the governor for apologizing within 24 hours, adding, “That single apology is a lot more than we’re getting from a lot of other leaders in America now.”

Watch the interview above.

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