An 11-year-old girl got a tough lesson in government bureaucracy when her custom cupcake business got shut down by the health department after an article about her success ran in the local newspaper.

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Chloe Stirling started baking cupcakes and selling them for $2 each after she took a class at a local Michael's craft store. "After that one class I just started making them because I loved doing it," said Chloe. 

Chloe's mom, Heather Stirling, offered to match her industrious daughter's savings from what she earned on her cupcake sales to buy a car when Chloe turns 16.

But Chloe's sweet success turned to bitter disappointment when her mom got a call from the health department saying that she wasn't allowed to bake and sell anymore because she didn't have a business license or certified kitchen to bake in.

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When Megyn Kelly asked Chloe what her reaction was to being told she couldn't continue to do what she loved, the 11-year-old baker responded, "I was kind of bummed that I couldn't bake anymore, and that I had to cancel all of my orders."

The health department told Chloe's mom that she had two options: She could buy a bakery for her daughter's use, or she could build a second kitchen in her home that would then have to be certified. "Neither of those are very viable options for us," Healther Stirling said.

For now, Chloe isn't sure what the future of her business will be, but she's keeping her chin up. "We're trying to figure out a way that I can follow all the rules and still get to bake and sell stuff," Chloe said.