One of our nation's most inspirational wounded warriors returned to Happening Now this afternoon to give us a glimpse of the documentary based on his amazing recovery.

There will be a special screening of "Travis Mills: A Soldier's Story" in Times Square tonight.

Sgt. Travis Mills is one of only five quadruple amputees from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He lost all four limbs when he was hit by an IED explosion on his third deployment to Afghanistan in April 2012.

Jenna Lee has followed his progress since the injury all the way until Mills ran on his prosthetic legs for the first time. In the film, Mills actually re-enacts the incident with the men who were injured along with him. His wife also re-enacts receiving the devastating phone call.

When you watch the hour-long film, Mills wants you to know that he is not looking for sympathy.

"No challenge is too hard to overcome. My big thing is I'm not a sob story. I don't want you to go there and feel bad and pity me," he said, explaining that he hadn't fully appreciated how far he had come until he watched the full documentary.

Watch the interview above, and click here for more on the film.