Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) was in the center seat on Special Report tonight.

He discussed the Republican Party in general, as well as the tea party.

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A recent Fox poll shows that 81 percent of people disapprove of Congress.

“Congress is slightly less popular than Fidel Castro in America and slightly more popular than the influenza virus, and the virus is gaining on us quickly,” Lee commented.

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Lee also responded to a Twitter users’ question: How do we combat the anti-tea party spin from Dems?

The Utah senator said many Americans are not happy with either party. “They feel left behind by the Republicans and by the Democrats. And they feel that they’re being harmed by an out-of-control federal government that continues to grow, and for that reason, I think there’s something to offer in [the tea party] movement.”

An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll reveals that 24 percent of respondents consider themselves supporters of the tea party.

Watch more of the panel above.