The rare snow and ice storm that is paralyzing much of the southeastern U.S. sent people scrambling to their local grocery stores to stock up.

LIVE REPORT: Rare Snowstorm Paralyzes South, Strands Children

But as the storm worsened on Tuesday, the roads became so clogged and dangerous that people ended up stranded in their cars, while teachers and children remained at some schools overnight.

A group of people near Atlanta ended up at their local Kroger's for the entire night. Matt Leary explained to Gretchen Carlson this afternoon that each person needed to find something to use as a pillow.

One guy slept on an empty store shelf, while most others crashed on the floor. The children who were there used large Valentine's Day teddy bears to sleep on.

Leary made due with a bag of diapers. Overall, his trip to the store took 21 hours.

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