Football players at Northwestern University want to cash in on their success by creating the first union for college athletes.  Judge Andrew Napolitano discussed whether that’s even possible today on America’s News HQ.

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NCAA rules prohibit athletes from getting paid. Northwestern quarterback Kain Colter is one of the players leading the charge. In a news conference on Tuesday, he said the current system "resembles a dictatorship," and added that it's time for players to have a choice.

Napolitano called the move “groundbreaking” and “creative.”

He noted that nowadays, some football and basketball teams rake in millions of dollars for colleges, but none of it goes to the athletes.

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Napolitano predicted that if the National Relations Labor Board characterizes college athletes as employees and allows them to unionize, it will radically and negatively change college sports as we know it.

The NCAA has long argued that student-athletes receive compensation in the form of a scholarship.

Watch Napolitano's take above and hear more details in the Shepard Smith Reporting segment below.