Police in New Jersey are ramping up their fight against human trafficking as hundreds of thousands flock to the area for the Super Bowl.

Judge Claims DHS Assisting Traffickers With Smuggled Children

Bill Hemmer discussed the alarming problem this morning with Charlie Gasparino of Fox Business Network, who pointed out that 10,000 women and children were trafficked into Miami for the Super Bowl four years ago. It's estimated to be a $50.5 billion industry.

Gasparino said in Washington, D.C. and in New Jersey there is a "broad-based" awareness campaign going on to make sure people are educated on the problem.

In New Jersey, officials are training law enforcement agents, hospitality workers, high school students and airport employees on how to possibly spot a victim of trafficking.

Discovery of Little Girl Sparks Child Trafficking Fears

Gasparino noted the "sick" statistic that typically the starting age of a prostitute is between 12 and 14.

Watch the discussion above, including reaction from a woman forced to work as a sex slave after running away from home.

People who observe suspected instances of human trafficking are asked to call 888-373-7888 or send a text to BEFREE (23373).