In his State of the Union address last night, President Obama vowed to make progress on the V-A's massive backlog of benefit claims for the country's veterans.

Broken Promises? Budget Plan Slashes Vets' Pensions

The V-A is facing growing outrage among service members who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan, but are being frustrated by red tape when they try to claim the medical benefits they were promised.

Paul Rieckhoff, an Iraq veteran and founder of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans for America, said on The Kelly File that he and his members were waiting to hear some mention of the cuts to veterans' retirement benefits in the recently-enacted bipartisan budget agreement.

"We wanted to hear that the president is going to stand with us and demand that Congress repeal those cuts. He didn't," said Rieckhoff.

Megyn Kelly made the point that the cuts were agreed upon by Democrats and Republicans in Congress, not solely put forth by the president.

Rieckhoff believes, however, that the buck stops with the commander-in-chief.

"When our vets are getting shafted, he needs to show up and voice some opposition," said Rieckhoff. He credited the administration for reducing the backlog by about 30 percent, down to roughly 400,000 that are still waiting.

But he said veterans are not going to be satisfied until the number gets down to zero.

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