Greg Gutfeld today told the story of how his sister had to write a fake obituary for her daughter as part of the “Every 15 Minutes” program, which aims to instill the horrors of drinking or texting while driving.

But the fake obituary was just the beginning, Gutfeld said. At school, a Grim Reaper called one student out every 15 minutes, and police officers read them their obituaries. The students were sent back to class in white face paint, bearing a toe tag. Police sent mock death certificates to the parents.

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All this was done to illustrate that a teen dies every 15 minutes from these actions behind the wheel. “How do you know this [activity] is a really bad idea? The kids love it. Consider the target audience who already love drama and romance death. Anyone remember how ‘Romeo and Juliet’ ends? This exercise tells them that dying young brings fame. You’re now the queen of the zombie prom.”

“Stick to real life,” Gutfeld said. “It is sobering enough.”

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