Exorcisms were performed on an Indiana mother after a number of bizarre incidents were reported. Latoya Ammons claimed she and her three children were possessed.  

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The Indianapolis Star first reported the story, and the city’s police chief has said that the story is credible. The strange events are detailed in nearly 800 pages of official records.

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Rev. Michael Maginot, who performed the exorcism, was on The O’Reilly Factor tonight to discuss his experience. He said he got a call from a hospital chaplain one morning after witnesses say the boy walked up a wall backwards.

O’Reilly pressed Maginot on why he never personally interviewed the children, instead interviewing his mother and grandmother. Maginot said he did an extensive, four-hour interview with the child’s mother and grandmother, during which a light started flickering and stopped flickering whenever Maginot approached. He performed three exorcisms on Ammons – two in English, and one in Latin.

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O’Reilly questioned the story’s credibility. Watch the video above to hear what Maginot had to say about the strange case.

Tonight on The Kelly File, Megyn interviewed the Indianapolis Star reporter who broke this story. Watch her interview with Marisa Kwiatkowski below.

Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly reported that Ammons' 9-year-old son received an exorcism.