Senators Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Rand Paul (R-Ky.) joined Sean Hannity in Washington to discuss President Barack Obama’s plans to implement executive orders.

Cruz said Obama’s plan to take executive action by fiat is “absolutely not legal and really dangerous.”

Sen. Rand Paul: Obama's Exec Action Remarks Sound Like a Threat

“I think the president’s changed the Constitution,” Paul said. “He’s decided that it’s optional and he’s going to obey it when he feels like it.” Paul said he doesn’t think Obama will work with Congress and that it’s either “his way or the highway.”

Remarking on Obama’s “I have a pen” speech, Cruz said, “If you wanna bring back jobs, he doesn’t need a pen, he needs an eraser. He needs to get in and start erasing these job-killing regulations, he needs to start erasing the incredible damage ObamaCare is causing and yet instead he just wants to rule by decree. That threatens everyone’s liberty.”

Krauthammer on Obama's SOTU Address: 'He's Running Out of Ideas'

While Obama was running for president, he frequently criticized the Bush administration for hiding behind executive privilege. In 2008, he said, “Most of the problems we have had in civil liberties were not done through the Patriot Act, they were done through executive order by George W. Bush.”

Watch the video above to hear more of the senators’ remarks.