Florida Sen. Marco Rubio joined Bill O’Reilly tonight ahead of the State of the Union.

O’Reilly asked Rubio what he thinks is the biggest mistake that President Barack Obama is making.

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Rubio said Obama hasn’t focused enough on robust economic growth, calling the state of the union “insecure.”

“Our economy grows when you have a vibrant, free enterprise economy where the private sector creates jobs and opportunities  for people, and right now, if you talk to people that create jobs, the businesses that create jobs, the free enterprise economy that creates jobs, they have no confidence in the future because of the debt, because of burdensome regulations, because of a tax code that makes America increasingly expensive to invest in and create jobs in. And [Obama] has not placed a priority on those issues."

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The Florida senator said Obama can no longer blame his predecessors this far into his presidency.

Watch his full remarks above.