Mitt Romney spoke to Neil Cavuto on Your World today about an array of issues including raising the minimum wage, Governor Chris Christie’s Bridgegate controversy, his picks for the 2016 presidential election, and the Sochi Olympics security threat.  

Romney: Obama ‘Outmaneuvered on World Stage by President Putin’

President Obama is set to announce that he will use his executive powers to raise the minimum wage for federal contractors from $7.25/hour to $10.10/hour.

Romney called it a politically-oriented move by the president. “He has not been able to accomplish much so far in his second term. […] I think the president’s kind of desperate to try and show some kind of progress.”

He questioned how many federal contractors actually make the minimum wage, adding that it’s probably not a high number. “The idea that federal workers are going to be paid even more than people in the private sector, I’m sure that’s going to make a lot of taxpayers unhappy.”

That doesn’t mean Romney isn’t open to raising the minimum wage. Hear his ideas on how to raise it and create jobs in the clip above.

President Obama to Congress: ‘Give America a Raise’

Catch the full interview below: