Tonight on Fox News Channel, Charles Krauthammer labeled President Obama’s State of the Union address “the chestnut speech.”

Krauthammer said he was surprised that President Obama delivered his speech with so much conviction, given that there “wasn’t a lot in it.” 

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“He sounds like a president who realizes he’s not going to get it done. He did the one thing – health care – which he’s trying to hold up and hold back the other forces opposing it, but that’s it,” Krauthammer said. “Now he’s playing small ball. He’s being a Clinton and not a Reagan.”

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He said it was “almost embarrassing” to hear the president talk about issues he brought up last year. “When he repeated Guantanamo, which is a cause he gave up on himself years ago, you knew that he sort of run out of ideas.”

Krauthammer called Obama's statement about Iran beginning to eliminate its nuclear stockpile "simply not true."

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