The murder trial of a North Carolina woman accused of helping her husband kill his ex-girlfriend is expected to begin today. Prosecutors claim Amanda and Grant Hayes lured Laura Jean Ackerson to their apartment and killed her in 2011.

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They then allegedly dismembered her body and drove it to Texas. Grant Hayes was convicted of murder last year and is serving a life term without parole.

He had children with both women, and was in a custody battle with Ackerson. The defense says he may be called in to testify on behalf of his wife.

It may not help her case since Grant blames Ackerson for instigating a fight with Amanda. He maintains that Amanda killed Ackerson, but acted in self-defense.

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He told a North Carolina TV station, “Words were exchanged, and Laura jumped Amanda. Amanda tells me that [Laura] had made a threat to take her child away from her, and the next thing she knew, Laura had her by the hair and was dragging her."

Furthermore, Grant says they dismembered the body because he was fearful of looking like the murderer.

"Here I am, a black man in an apartment with a dead white lady who's been suing me. [My wife's] story didn't seem strong enough to compel someone to believe that there wasn't foul play involving me."