Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney was on Hannity tonight to talk about President Barack Obama’s upcoming State of the Union address and the remarks Romney made on Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Romney said Obama didn’t really have an agenda for his second term and is groping to find one. He said Obama should work with Republicans to solve problems.

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Hannity asked Romney about comments he made to NBC comparing Obama to Russia’s Putin.

“The president I think has been outmaneuvered on the world stage by President Putin,” Romney said. “Our president's a lot better president than President Putin, but it breaks my heart to watch President Putin outmaneuver him on the world stage," he said.

Romney also discussed the new documentary “Mitt” and talked about “slow jamming the news” with Jimmy Fallon.

Watch the full interview above, and hear more from Gov. Romney today at 4p ET on Your World.

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