Virginia farmers staged pitchfork protests in support of a fellow farmer after she was threatened with fines for hosting a birthday party on her own land.

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Martha Boneta, owner of Liberty Farms in Virginia, was fined $5,000 dollars per day after the zoning administrator saw a picture of the birthday celebration on her Facebook page. Boneta was found in violation of selling farm products, such as goats’ milk soap and honey products.

“Let me get this straight,” Steve Doocy questioned on Fox and Friends, “You are in the business of selling farm products and you get in trouble for selling farm products?!”

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Boneta is still on the hook for $2 million dollars. “I never dreamed in a million years that I would encounter so much red tape and miles and miles of regulations.”

Doocy, who was the former president of the Future Farmers of America in Kansas, called it “heartbreaking” that the government is squeezing people out of the family farm business.

The protests in support of Boneta have inspired two new bills in Virginia protecting farmers. 

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