The producer of “2016: Obama’s America” spoke out tonight on The Kelly File about director Dinesh D’Souza’s indictment for allegedly violating campaign finance laws.

Authorities allege that the conservative filmmaker arranged illegal contributions to a senator’s campaign. He pleaded not guilty.

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Producer Gerald Molen said he thinks the alleged crime is being selectively pursued because D’Souza’s film was critical of Obama.

D’Souza and Molen are working on another film together called “America.” When Kelly asked Molen if he thinks that he or D’Souza are likely to be intimidated by this criminal action, he told her, “The worst thing I think someone could think [is that] they can be put in a position to be intimidated by their own government. I just find that very offensive, I just can’t believe that would happen, and I really believe this case with Dinesh that somebody’s gonna wake up and it’s gonna be dismissed.”

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