Justin Bieber’s arrest last week sparked a media craze, becoming the top story on news networks across the nation.

On today’s Media Buzz, Howard Kurtz asked, “What is it about this guy that makes ‘beliebers’ of the media?”

VIDEO: Bieber Waves From Roof of SUV on Way Out of Jail

Mediaite columnist Joe Concha pointed out that Bieber has 49 million Twitter followers, which is 14 million more than the entire population of Canada and 7 million more followers than President Obama has.

 “Celebrities drive ratings, Howie, that’s the bottom line,” Concha said.

Justin Bieber Arrested, Suspected of DUI, Street Racing

The Washington Post’s Amy Argetsinger said, “Not only are the fans going to tune in or click on that story, but also the haters. Justin Bieber is a very polarizing figure, and there are people who … it’s not that they’re disinterested in Justin Bieber, they actively enjoy hating Justin Bieber and reading things about him that make him look stupid and commenting on those stories.”

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