Judge Jeanine Pirro's Opening Statement this week focused on President Barack Obama ahead of Tuesday's State of the Union. Watch the video above and read the full transcript below.

Every year in January, the president addresses the American people on the state of our union.  

Washington on high alert.  Elected politicians all aflutter at the idea of being caught on camera - recognized on national television - each one holding onto the president's hand longer than necessary in order to be identified and in the picture.

Judge Jeanine: Justice Fueled By Obama Admin's Partisan Politics?

I'm actually surprised the Capitol doesn't tip over with the weight of everyone pushing and shoving and leaning to get quality air time with the president as he descends into the well of Congress.

The rest of us just sit back and enjoy the show.

In the days leading up to the State of the Union, the president previews themes of his speech. Word is the speech this year is about opportunity, action and optimism.

And on Tuesday, the president will tell you that he will work with Congress in a bipartisan way, will grow the economy, strengthen the middle class, and give us the economic security we need.

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What's not to support in all that?  All of us want that.

The problem? As a student of history, I know nothing portends the future more than the past.  Remember this?

Yet let me ask you - does it feel that way?  Are we united in our goals?  Or are we at each other's throats at every turn?  On every issue? Turning even non-political issues into ideological political battles between Republicans and Democrats.  

Mr. President, I want to believe that we can be united, but I know history repeats itself.  In fact, it seems to me that you dug your heels in even more after after your re-election.

And what was that you said about working with Congress?  

Last week, Mr. President, you talked about limited government and following the Constitution. I suspect the founding fathers would find that somewhat disingenuous.  Our government has never been bigger.

And Mr. President, I wanted to believe it when you said this last week:

But quite a few judges disagree with you on that.

And by the way, did you hear about your NSA officers using NSA resources to spy on their love interests and potential dates?

Not to mention Edward Snowden...

I believed you when you said i could keep my doctor and my insurance.  

Ironically, in this week's in depth New Yorker article, you're shown to be on both sides of just about every issue - a real tightrope walker.

You rail against "fat cat bankers," support Occupy Wall Street hooligans.  But who have you prosecuted?  Who's in jail?   

You run as a pacifist. You accept the Nobel Peace Prize.  Yet you command the longest war in American history, which people close to you say you don't even believe in.

And who announces a surge and withdrawal at the same time?

Mr. President, you are indeed the master of contradiction.

Now we expect politicians to talk out of both sides of their mouths, but not our leader.  

We don't need a tightrope walker.  We need a leader we can both believe...

And believe in.  

So I'll be watching Tuesday night.  And I'm hoping that I can believe once again.