Randy Brooks, owner of Edward Arthur Jewelers at Columbia Mall, spoke to Fox News’ Uma Pemmaraju ;from his store at the Maryland mall where three people are confirmed dead after a gunman opened fire, including the suspect.

UPDATES: Deadly Shooting at Columbia Mall in Maryland

Brooks described hearing a couple of pops around 11:25 a.m. ET and then saw people running in panic. He said it appeared that the shooter opened fire from the upper deck down into the food court. Others have reportedly been taken to the hospital.

Police Confirm Shooting Happened at Zumiez Store

Brooks said he was hunkered down with other employees and customers in the back of the store, protected by an armed guard.

"I’ve been here for 43 years and we’ve never had anything like this – this just shows you what’s happening here in America today. I mean how do you recover from that? I feel very sad. We have a couple of young children here with their mother, and they just don’t understand. They were just trying to come to the mall and go shopping with their mom on a Saturday, and here they are hunkered down in the back of a jewelry store.”

Maryland Police: 'No Motive Known After Gunman Opens Fire at Columbia Mall'