Howard County Police Chief Bill McMahon said during a press conference moments ago that he cannot confirm any reports that the shooting was a domestic violence incident, calling it “purely speculation.”

UPDATES: 3 Dead, Including Suspected Gunman, After Shooting at Columbia Mall

A male and female in their 20s are among the deceased victims. They were both employees of the Zumiez store where the gunman opened fire. Their names will not be released until the next of kin are notified.

The shooter, who reportedly killed himself, has not been identified. He used a shotgun and had a large amount of ammunition on him. Due to concerns of any explosive he may have, police are waiting to approach the body.

LISTEN: Audio Released of Police Response to Columbia Mall Shooting

The Zumiez is located on the upper level of the mall above the food court.

Five other people, including one with a gunshot wound, are being treated at the local hospital. Police are conducting interviews with witnesses at this time. 

Store Owner's Witness Account of Columbia Mall Shooting in Maryland